Transcription Test_Germany

This transcription test has been designed to test your spelling and grammar, as well as your ability to search for unfamiliar items on Google. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to complete this test.

You will be listening to audio clips of people talking into their mobile phones (dictating text messages, searching the web, etc.). For each clip, click the play button to hear the utterance, then click in the text field to type the transcription, using the following rules:

* For complete sentences, capitalise the first word and punctuate as normal. (e.g. The woman at the bank is always friendly to me.)

* For grammatically incomplete phrases, do not capitalise the first word (unless it is a proper noun) nor use a full stop at the end. (e.g. the woman at the bank )

* For media titles, capitalise but do not punctuate (e.g. The Secret Life of Pets). If the title is used within a sentence, put quotation marks around the title (e.g. "The Secret Life of Pets" movie). Use punctuation and quotation marks if the title is part of a full sentence (e.g. I would like to go see "The Secret Life of Pets" with Martha.).

* Please use Google (DE) to confirm the correct spelling and formatting of names, products, businesses, addresses, etc.

* It is highly recommended you wear headphones as you transcribe to ensure the utmost clarity.

* There is no time limit, so you should double and triple check your answers before submitting. We anticipate only being able to offer positions to those who score at the very top of the test.

* We recommend printing this instruction page or copying the information into another document so you can access it while taking the test. The rules for transcribing these test utterances are very important and following them precisely will likely make the difference for many prospective transcribers.

There are 25 utterances to transcribe. Once you are satisfied with your transcriptions, make sure you click Finish Survey on the final page to submit your test. Good luck!